Fatwa Division


·    This division is a unit that directly involved in research and production of fatwa.
·    Based on this responsibility, this division strives to provide the best service and    explanation about any fatwa’s decision quickly and accurately in accordance with the production of a thoughtful and authentic fatwa.

Functions and services:-

·    Conducting research studies and prepare report about the impact on the policies and programs implemented by the government.
·    Conducting research and surveys on issues that bring aqeedah’s deviation resulting from a policy on occurring flows.
·    Provides reference services on research findings.
·    Becomes secretariat for subcommittee meeting ‘Ad-Hoc’ regarding to issues that related about ‘aqeedah or others for the purpose of ensconsing / strengthening the informations to be submittted to Penang State Fatwa Committee. Conducting research on certain issues related to syarak (Islamic Law) that require the decision of Penang State Fatwa Committee.
·    Conduct research, investigation and monitoring on issues related to the deviation of faith / ‘aqeedah among muslims in Penang. Become the main reference for the muslims in Penang regarding the syarak (Islamic Law) in solving problems.
·    Issues guidelines to overcome all differences of opinions that appear in khilafiah matters.
·    Conducting Special Committee Meeting two time a year to discuss the current issues that related in the matters of syarak (Islamic Law).
·    Issues thoughtful and venerated fatwa’s as quide for muslims in Penang specially and Malaysia generally.
·    Disseminate and inform the fatwa’s that was decided by Penang State Fatwa Committee to the muslims in Penang.