-    Observation Dome :
Located at the building roof, measured 10 feet square that can accommodate 15 peoples at one time. It open horizontally and automatically according to the changes of the tracker telescope.

-    Tracker Telescope :
Accommodate the facilities of 2 tracker telescopes. One of them is Meade LX200 12inch (classic) telescope, that situated in observation dome. While the other one is Meade LX200 10 inch (GPS) telescope. Both of it are automatically operated. Able to function only be use through research room at ground floor. Other than that, there are other telescope in small size and theodolite.

-    Accommodation Facilities :
The accommodation facilities are available for researchers for free of charge, complete with bed, wardrobe,  air-conditioner, fan, bathroom, toilet, hall room, pantry amd refridgerator.

-    Ulugh Begh Speech Hall :
Hall that can accommodate about 50 peoples at one time. Having the complete facilities, comfortable, and suitable for conducting any workshops activities, courses and speeches.

-    As- Sijzi  Exhibition Gallery :
Exhibition space available at entrance door of Observatory of Sheikh Tahir Astronomy Centre. Displaying the history of astronomy at Penang with the history of 2 astronomy figures/role model, Sheikh Tahir Jalaluddin Al – Falaki and Sheikh Abdullah Fahim. Other than that, a lot of informations  regarding astronomy  are available for reference and get the guidance from qualified officers.