Frequently Asked Question

1 . When the Penang Mufti department was created?

The Pulau Pinang Mufti department had already existed when the State Government established the Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department on July 1, 1959. Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) with the relevant agencies have submitted recommendations for Fatwa Department through restructuring Islamic Council / Islamic Religious Affairs Department in the states in 1984. The conclusions of the proposal are that the Department of Mufti or fatwa related matters must be separate from the Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department and given appropriate tasks. So on January 1, 1997, the Penang State Government Mufti’s Office and is now known by the name of Penang State Mufti Department.

2 . What is the main task of the Mufti?

Mufti should assist and advice Yang - Di Pertuan Agong on matters of Islamic Law, and in all such matters shall be the ultimate authority in the State of Penang after Yang Di Pertuan Agong himself.

3 .How to ask or to submit questions about the issues and concerns related to Islam?

You can make a call on line like this: @ 042632975 Fax: 042632985.
(You can ask questions orally or in writing to the Department).

4 . What are the main services Penang’s Mufti Department?

- Application for Fatwa’s ruling / Islamic laws
- Religious Concerns
- Research and Studies
- Determination and verification of the Qibla
- Organizer and coordinator of Hijri’s Taqwim / Prayer’s Table
- Establish Formal Hilal Observation of Ramadan, Shawwal and Zulhijjah
- (Preliminary Determination of Hijri’s month)
- Application for Change of Name (for Muslims & converts only)

5 .What other services provided by the Penang State Mufti Department?

Exhibition, Falak activities and Observation
Managing visit to Pusat Falak Sheikh Tahir (Observatory)
Managing religious programs
Recite prayers during official event
Publication of scientific literature

6 . What is a Fatwa?

Definition Fatwa (English)
In linguistic, it is taken from the Arabic word ‘afta - ifta'an’ that clarify and explain the purpose of the law concerns.

Definition Fatwa (Terms)
In terminology, the fatwa has many definitions including:
- Fatwa is the answer made by the Mufti about matters that happens when a question was posed to him.
- Fatwa is preaching the law of ALLAH SWT either for the thing that is a must or should

7 . How many Mufti in Malaysia?

- There numbers of Mufti in Malaysia is 14 people where each state has a Mufti.

8 . Who is involved in Fatwa Committee?

a) Mufti, as Chairman;
b) The Deputy Mufti
c) Two members of the Council nominated by the Islamic Council
d) Not less than two and not more than seven individual that are qualified and suitable persons appointed by the Mufti; and
e) An officer from the Mufti as a secretary

9 . What is the process of to gazette a fatwa, guided by the existing procedures?


1) Preparation of Papers

 Fatwa papers are prepared either by the secretary of the Fatwa or any party that requires a fatwa either Penang Islamic Religious Council, Penang State Department of Islamic Affairs, Penang State Zakat Management Centre, Penang Syariah Court, Government departments or private organisation, public, operators of food / livestock and other.

2) Meeting of the Penang’s Fatwa Committee

Sahibus Samahah Penang’a Mufti will call and invite the members of Penang’s Fatwa Committee to discuss a fatwa by way of a meeting.

3) The decision of the Fatwa

Results of a fatwa will be made after the committee is satisfied with the stratement from al quran and hadith , Islamic scholars, the study / investigation and visit to the site, the opinions of experts (to be invited if necessary) among medical specialists and specialist from the various department. There are few fatwa made after a number of meetings.

4)Report of Meeting Minutes

Fatwa Committee meeting minutes will be presented at the next meeting for clarification and review of decisions and sighah pronouncement that was decided in the last meeting.

5 )Fatwa Submitted to the Penang State Legal Adviser.

A fatwa will be submit for review purposes draft / sighah pronouncement to be correct the aspect of legality.for pleasure of Yang di – Pertuan Agong.

6 ) Fatwa submitted to Yang Di – Pertuan Agong

The finalized draft Fatwa will be submitted to yang Di-Pertuan Agong by PSUK.

7 )Fatwa that was approved by Yang Di-Pertuan Agong

A fatwa has been approved by the Yang di - King will be sent by Istana Negara office to PSUK. Mufti Department then will forward the fatwa to Penang’s State Legal Adviser for the next process.


8 ) What Enactment relating to the administration of the State Mufti Department Penang?

44. (1) The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, on the advice of the State Executive Council may appoint any fit and proper person to be the Mufti and Deputy Mufti the State of Andhra Pradesh.

(2) The appointment of the Mufti and Deputy Mufti shall be published in the Warta.

(3) Upon the commencement of this section, the Mufti and Deputy Mufti of Penang State immediately before the commencement of this section shall be deemed to have been appointed under this section as the Mufti and Deputy Mufti of the State of Penang and shall continue to hold office.

9 ) Does the Department of State of Penang Mufti charge for the service specification and validation Qiblah?

Penang State Mufti Department, do not charge any fees for services specification and verification of the Qiblah. It is free

10 )Does the service specification and validation Qiblah also given to individual applicants? (Eg private home) Penang State Mufti Department, does not provide services specification and verification of the applicant's individual Qiblah. The service is provided
Places - public
Organizations - Public organizations / The Government / Private

11 ) What is the name of the Observatory on the island of Penang?

Currently there are only one on the island of Penang that is Pusat Falak Sheikh Tahir Acheh Beach, Balik Pulau, Penang. It is located in the western state of Penang (5 ° 25 'N, 100 ° 12' E) station astronomical research and atmospheric science with the Penang State Mufti Department and Astronomy Research Unit and Atmospheric Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

12 ) What are the facilities that are available at the Pusat Falak Sheikh Tahir?

1) Observation Dome
2) Tracker Telescope - Meade LX 200 12 INCH (classical)
- Meade LX 200 10 INCH (GPS)

3) Accommodation Facilities
4) Lecture Hall Ulugh Begh
5) As Exhibition - Sijzi
6) Room Planetarium

For further inquiries, please contact:

Penang State Mufti Department
u.p: The administration 04-2632975