Placing the foundation stone of Astronomy Centre has lounched in June 1988 (Syawal 1408) and thus became the contribution which is important to observations and experiments of astronomy’s activities in Malaysia and in this region. Sheikh Tahir Astronomy Centre was officially established on Wednesday, 30 Rabiul Awal 1412 H which was on 9 october 1991, with the purpose to fulfill the scientific needs in critical field such as Islamic Calendar, the study of dusk, the extinction and deflection of atmosphere, the visibility of the moon as well as the matter which related to it.
    Consistence with the agreement that achieve, one Advisory Board will do a meeting from time to time to plan and observe the development and the future development of Astronomy centre to develop it as an excellent international centre. Due from the success of founding the International Lunar Date Line with the forming of a scientific method of determind the visibility of moon which is modern with the progress in ozon layer research, make the existence astronomy research to be an urgency. Other than being used as observatory, Sheikh Tahir Astronomy Centre also was equipped with exhibition’s materials. This could give the knowledge and caused the interest towards astronomy among citizents. For long-term, Sheikh Tahir Astronomy Centre of was expected to be the centre for research, education and tour of Astro-Tourism.